Weight Management:

Interested in weight management?

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Our weight management model consists of a personalized evaluation plan based on objective data. 






















Weight management visit consists of an interview which explores the following

  1.  Current diet style

  2.  Current food choices

  3.  Energy needs

  4.  Barriers to weight loss

  5.  Diet preference


Weight management plan consists of the following


  1. Fasting stress test if applicable

  2. Basic and advanced lab testing

  3. Genetic testing 

  4. Addressing barriers to weight loss

  5. Supplementation if needed 

  6. Prescription medications when appropriate 

  7. Follow up labs and metabolic monitoring to ensure that we avoid undesirable side effects of weight loss such as oxidative stress and sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) 


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Important Notice:

This website and its contents are for the purposes of general information and education only and are not to be used for diagnosis or treatment without the supervision of a healthcare provider.

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