Ways to maximize your health span:



1. Assess - Find out where you stand.  

This involves establishing a Nutrigen visit. After a comprehensive medical evaluation and lab testing, you will be able to find out about your detailed health status. Lab testing that is included in the Nutrigen visit typically comprises of complete nutritional analysis, oxidative stress markers, hormone panels, allergy tests and gastrointestinal tests. Additional tests such as genomics and toxicology screens are done when applicable.

2. Intervene - Implement strategies to intervene where necessary.

Nutrigen intervention involves personalized recommendations about diet, exercise, supplementation and bio-identical hormone treatment if and when necessary. All recommendations are highly personalized and specific to your needs. After a period of intervention, a follow-up visit is scheduled to determine if additional testing and intervention are needed. 

3. Maintain - Use tools to maintain optimal health.

Once your goals have been achieved, a maintenance plan is then carried out to prevent any future deterioration in health. 

The AIM model strives to keep you in your best shape for as long as possible. 





Important Notice:

This website and its contents are for the purposes of general information and education only and are not to be used for diagnosis or treatment without the supervision of a healthcare provider.

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