Your Visit, Your Way

Why wait in the lobby or wait for too long in the exam room? 

Prepare ahead of time and expedite your visit.

Fill out visit specific questionnaire. Let your healthcare team review your health information and be prepared for your visit.

Bring a printed copy of your questionnaire with you or email after scheduling your appointment. Mention your name and appointment date on the subject line. Your information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

Don't find the visit type you are looking for?

Email with the subject line "I would like to add a visit type and check back. 

Acute Care Visit

If you are coming in for any of the following reasons, please click on your symptom below and fill out your questionnaire, 

Acute pain (less than 8 weeks)

Chronic pain (more than 8 weeks)


Sinus Congestion

Skin Rash


Urinary Symptoms





Chronic Disease Management Visit

Some of the most common chronic medical conditions are;


High Blood Pressure


Thyroid disease

Hormone treatment

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Liver Disease


If you are coming in for a chronic medical condition or disease management, please click here and fill out your questionnaire.

Need general information on when to do labs/tests for specific conditions? Click here.



Wellness /Preventative Health/Yearly Visit

If you are coming in for a wellness / preventative/yearly visit, please click here and fill out your multi-symptom questionnaire. Need information on what labs/tests are recommended for your age? Click here or take the quiz.

Nutrigen Visit

If you are coming in for a Nutrigen visit, please click here and fill out the multi-symptom questionnaire. Click here to get more information about Nutrigen visit. 

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